Cool Places I've worked

Open source projects

A new literate approach to working with regular expressions in Python
The world's fastest financial technical analysis library. This is a new project currently under active development - it beats the next fastest technical analysis libraries for python by a factor of 12x-24x.
Possibly the world's fastest in-place radix sort. It beat the 2013 power efficiency sort by a factor of 3.
AVX uuid parser
This is an AVX vectorized hex to binary UUID converter. Conversion takes about 9 cycles on a 2014 era Intel i7.
This specialized dictionary type for Python 2 allows for a substantial memory savings if your dictionary is indexed by integers only.

Web projects
An experimental dating site that uses AI to help people write profiles, and uses AI to match people based on the profiles they write. As of Nov 30th its still behind a password and
Experiments in quantitative finance, machine learning and automated trading signal generation.